The Video Game MIDI Archive

Having run a MIDI fserver on DALnet from September 1996 until 2000, I have been sent a wide variety of MIDIs by various people. I have wanted to put up a MIDI page for quite some time, but numerous other websites already had huge MIDI pages. The one thing that most sites were missing were MIDIs from classic video games. Keeping that in mind, I decided to start my own MIDI page devoted to video games.

All the MIDI files on this page were sent to me by various people from DALnet. In no way do I claim authorship to any of these files. I enjoy listening to these files, and I figuered others would like to enjoy them as well. Also, if you have a video game MIDI that is not listed on this page, please send it to me, and I will place it in the archive. I do not intend to make any more additions to this page, as I have been donating more time to updating the MP3 page. With that, welcome to The Archive

There are currently 555 Midis in The Archive
This page was last updated on December 15th, 1997

GameDescriptionPlatformLengthSize KB
7th GuestCake MusicPC0:593.35
7th GuestDolls of DoomPC1:3418.1
11th HourFoyer MusicPC1:265.84
ActraiserAct ISuper Nintendo1:4820.2
ActraiserEndingSuper Nintendo2:025.51
ActraiserSky PalaceSuper Nintendo1:204.86
Alex Kid- Miracle WorldStage ThemeSega1:0616.3
Bionic CommandoIntroNintendo1:044.11
Blaster MasterEndingNintendo1:3618.4
Blaster MasterFinal BattleNintendo1:4759.6
Blaster MasterLevel INintendo2:2034.2
Blaster MasterLevel IIINintendo1:2210.7
Blaster MasterLevel III (Variation)Nintendo1:2210.7
Blaster MasterLevel IVNintendo1:1911.3
Blaster MasterLevel VNintendo1:2413.0
Blaster MasterLevel VINintendo1:4329.9
Blaster MasterProlougeNintendo0:391.77
Bubble BobbleThemeNintendo0:485.07
Castlevania IIntro (Outside Castlevania)Nintendo0:071.06
Castlevania IStage INintendo0:296.13
Castlevania IStage I (Variation)Nintendo1:4116.4
Castlevania IStage I (Variation 2)Nintendo1:0713.1
Castlevania IStage IIINintendo1:5322.6
Castlevania IStage III (Variation)Nintendo3:1228.6
Castlevania IStage IVNintendo0:416.29
Castlevania IStage VNintendo1:049.23
Castlevania IICastlevaniaNintendo0:415.19
Castlevania IIDay TimeNintendo0:5819.3
Castlevania IIDay Time IINintendo2:1017.2
Castlevania IIDay Time IIINintendo1:5918.0
Castlevania IIDay Time RemixNintendo3:4362.7
Castlevania IIEnding MusicNintendo2:008.67
Castlevania IIEnding Music IINintendo1:587.84
Castlevania IIInside the MansionsNintendo0:5410.3
Castlevania IIInside the TownsNintendo1:0711.8
Castlevania IINight TimeNintendo1:1213.0
Castlevania IIPassword MusicNintendo1:012.80
Castlevania III"Aquarius" (Water Stage)Nintendo0:388.44
Castlevania III"Beginning" (Stage I)Nintendo4:0196.4
Castlevania III"Beginning" (Variation)Nintendo1:5527.3
Castlevania III"Demonseed" (Swamp)Nintendo1:227.10
Castlevania III"Encounter" (Ally Theme)Nintendo0:130.83
Castlevania III"Evergreen" (Ending)Nintendo1:003.65
Castlevania III"Prayer" (Opening Scene)Nintendo0:101.61
Castlevania III"Prelude" (Title)Nintendo1:395.84
Castlevania IVStage I (I)Super Nintendo1:2912.0
Castlevania IVStage I (Variation)Super Nintendo3:2154.5
Castlevania AdventureStage IGame Boy1:4324.7
Chrono Trigger1000 AD Super Nintendo1:177.51
Chrono Trigger1000 AD (Variation)Super Nintendo2:4612.9
Chrono Trigger600 ADSuper Nintendo4:5326.3
Chrono TriggerAyla's ThemeSuper Nintendo0:331.18
Chrono TriggerBattle ThemeSuper Nintendo2:5634.5
Chrono TriggerBelthasar's ThemeSuper Nintendo3:2811.8
Chrono TriggerChrono's DeathSuper Nintendo2:1918.7
Chrono TriggerChrono's Theme ISuper Nintendo2:2722.3
Chrono TriggerChrono's Theme IISuper Nintendo1:5223.6
Chrono TriggerEnding Theme ISuper Nintendo21:2066.0
Chrono TriggerEnding Theme IISuper Nintendo4:1628.6
Chrono TriggerEnding Theme IIISuper Nintendo2:3419.3
Chrono TriggerEnhasa's Theme ISuper Nintendo2:4235.8
Chrono TriggerEnhasa's Theme IISuper Nintendo2:5363.0
Chrono TriggerEnoch's ThemeSuper Nintendo1:4820.1
Chrono TriggerFrog's Theme ISuper Nintendo1:3520.1
Chrono TriggerFrog's Theme IISuper Nintendo1:3520.5
Chrono TriggerFrog's Theme IIISuper Nintendo1:3532.1
Chrono TriggerGato's ThemeSuper Nintendo0:397.39
Chrono TriggerGuardia ForestSuper Nintendo6:4529.0
Chrono TriggerIntroSuper Nintendo2:5522.2
Chrono TriggerIntro (Variation)Super Nintendo2:2722.3
Chrono TriggerJanus's Theme ISuper Nintendo2:0811.2
Chrono TriggerJanus's Theme IISuper Nintendo2:1024.5
Chrono TriggerJanus's Theme IIISuper Nintendo2:088.85
Chrono TriggerLavos BattleSuper Nintendo2:1025.5
Chrono TriggerLucca's ThemeSuper Nintendo1:007.78
Chrono TriggerMagus's Theme ISuper Nintendo3:3223.2
Chrono TriggerMagus's Theme IISuper Nintendo2:3017.9
Chrono TriggerMarle's ThemeSuper Nintendo1:355.10
Chrono TriggerRobo's ThemeSuper Nintendo1:1311.0
Chrono TriggerSpekkio's ThemeSuper Nintendo1:2110.6
Chrono TriggerUndersea PalaceSuper Nintendo1:3210.5
Contra IIIStage ISuper Nintendo2:3227.5
Contra IIIStage IIISuper Nintendo3:5146.7
DescentLevel IPC3:2360.4
DescentLevel IIPC3:4694.4
DescentLevel IIIPC3:3258.4
DescentLevel IVPC2:3054.6
DescentLevel VPC3:0446.9
DescentMission BriefingPC2:1117.9
Dig DugThemeAtari 26000:081.24
Doom 1Episode 1, Level 1PC1:3623.3
Doom 1Episode 1, Level 2PC2:3543.3
Doom 1Episode 1, Level 3PC4:3230.1
Doom 1Episode 1, Level 4PC2:5025.1
Doom 1Episode 1, Level 5PC2:4413.1
Doom 1Episode 1, Level 6PC1:2413.3
Doom 1Episode 1, Level 7PC2:3011.5
Doom 1Episode 1, Level 8PC2:3272.5
Doom 1Episode 1, Level 9PC2:1731.1
Doom 2IntroPC2:4925.9
Doom 2Level 1PC3:4637.5
Doom 2Level 2PC4:4732.7
Doom 2Level 3PC3:4623.8
Doom 2Level 4PC2:3225.6
Doom 2Level 5PC4:1422.4
Doom 2Level 6PC10:3620.5
Doom 2Level 7PC4:1326.4
Doom 2Level 8PC4:5570.8
Doom 2Level 9PC4:3532.8
Doom 2Level 10PC4:1921.3
Doom 2Title ThemePC0:153.99
Double DragonMission 1Nintendo3:2753.8
Double DragonTitleNintendo1:5127.0
Dragon Warrior ICastle ThemeNintendo0:292.26
Dragon Warrior IOverworldNintendo1:479.66
Dragon Warrior ITitleNintendo1:4210.6
Dragon Warrior ITitle (Variation)Nintendo1:396.00
Dragon Warrior IIEnding ("My journey")Nintendo4:1645.2
Dragon Warrior IITown ThemeNintendo1:4412.4
Dragon Warrior IIICastle ThemeNintendo0:463.69
Dragon Warrior IIICastle Theme (Variation)Nintendo0:463.69
Dragon Warrior IIIDark World (Alfegard)Nintendo0:181.14
Dragon Warrior IIITown ThemeNintendo1:3612.1
Duke NukemLevel 1PC1:0214.2
Duke NukemLevel 2PC2:4334.7
Duke NukemLevel 3PC4:008.00
Duke NukemLevel 4PC5:5947.9
FaxanaduTitle ThemeNintendo0:497.50
Final Fantasy IAirship ThemeNintendo0:4610.5
Final Fantasy IAirship Theme (Variation)Nintendo0:538.02
Final Fantasy IBattle ThemeNintendo1:2217.5
Final Fantasy IBattle Theme (Variation)Nintendo1:218.97
Final Fantasy IBattle Theme (Variation II)Nintendo2:3534.9
Final Fantasy IBattle Theme (Variation III)Nintendo2:3547.0
Final Fantasy ICastle ThemeNintendo1:547.25
Final Fantasy ICastle Theme IINintendo0:382.60
Final Fantasy ICastle Theme IIINintendo0:452.14
Final Fantasy ICave Theme (Marsh Cave)Nintendo0:4818.4
Final Fantasy ICave Theme (Variation)Nintendo0:5910.7
Final Fantasy ICave (Matoya & Dwarf)Nintendo1:1812.0
Final Fantasy ICave (Matoya & Dwarf) IINintendo1:4218.8
Final Fantasy IEarth CaveNintendo1:176.63
Final Fantasy IEarth Cave (Variation)Nintendo1:108.45
Final Fantasy IEarth Cave (Variation II)Nintendo0:375.50
Final Fantasy IEndingNintendo3:0915.8
Final Fantasy IEnding (Variation I)Nintendo3:5910.6
Final Fantasy IInnNintendo0:513.04
Final Fantasy IInside the ShopNintendo1:086.52
Final Fantasy IKraken's LiarNintendo1:055.60
Final Fantasy IKraken's Liar (Variation)Nintendo1:044.61
Final Fantasy IKraken's Liar (Variation II)Nintendo1:427.33
Final Fantasy IOverworld ThemeNintendo1:427.33
Final Fantasy IOverworld Theme IINintendo1:1617.6
Final Fantasy IOverworld Theme IIINintendo0:524.47
Final Fantasy IOverworld Theme IVNintendo0:536.44
Final Fantasy IPirate ShipNintendo1:3213.4
Final Fantasy ITitle ThemeNintendo2:0313.1
Final Fantasy ITitle Theme (Variation)Nintendo1:3712.4
Final Fantasy ITop of Mirage TowerNintendo1:236.17
Final Fantasy ITown ThemeNintendo1:134.94
Final Fantasy ITown Theme (Variation)Nintendo0:393.37
Final Fantasy ITown Theme (Variation II)Nintendo0:583.42
Final Fantasy ITown Theme (Variation III)Nintendo1:547.25
Final Fantasy IIAirship IntroSuper Nintendo2:0419.2
Final Fantasy IIAirship Intro (Variation)Super Nintendo1:5712.2
Final Fantasy IIBattleSuper Nintendo1:4416.3
Final Fantasy IIBig WhaleSuper Nintendo0:5814.2
Final Fantasy IICalbrena DollsSuper Nintendo0:527.21
Final Fantasy IICastle of BaronSuper Nintendo2:5127.3
Final Fantasy IICastle of Baron IISuper Nintendo3:2631.3
Final Fantasy IICid the EngineerSuper Nintendo4:0037.1
Final Fantasy IICrossing the BridgeSuper Nintendo1:456.76
Final Fantasy IICrystal ThemeSuper Nintendo1:5812.2
Final Fantasy IICut Scene (Kain & Golbez)Super Nintendo0:492.82
Final Fantasy IICastle of DamcyanSuper Nintendo1:468.19
Final Fantasy IIDwarf CastleSuper Nintendo1:078.91
Final Fantasy IIEdward's ThemeSuper Nintendo0:452.57
Final Fantasy IIElemental BattleSuper Nintendo4:2460.3
Final Fantasy IIEndSuper Nintendo18:35242
Final Fantasy IIExploring the CavesSuper Nintendo1:5414.6
Final Fantasy IIFabul CastleSuper Nintendo0:563.57
Final Fantasy IIFabul Castle IISuper Nintendo1:463.00
Final Fantasy IIGolbez's ThemeSuper Nintendo1:488.11
Final Fantasy IIIntroSuper Nintendo2:0710.6
Final Fantasy IILand of Summoned MonstersSuper Nintendo5:4916.7
Final Fantasy IILunar CavesSuper Nintendo5:3650.8
Final Fantasy IILunar SubterraneanSuper Nintendo2:5923.7
Final Fantasy IIMedly RemixSuper Nintendo2:4126.4
Final Fantasy IIMini Boss BattleSuper Nintendo2:0721.5
Final Fantasy IIMini Boss Battle IISuper Nintendo2:2125.8
Final Fantasy IIMini Boss Battle IIISuper Nintendo2:0618.4
Final Fantasy IIMoon SurfaceSuper Nintendo3:5497.4
Final Fantasy IIMt HobsSuper Nintendo1:3721.7
Final Fantasy IIOn the AirshipSuper Nintendo0:5914.0
Final Fantasy IIOverworldSuper Nintendo2:3227.0
Final Fantasy IIOverworld IISuper Nintendo2:3054.3
Final Fantasy IIOverworld IIISuper Nintendo2:5121.9
Final Fantasy IIRemix (Final Dancesy)Super Nintendo2:4126.4
Final Fantasy IIRosa's ThemeSuper Nintendo2:297.68
Final Fantasy IIRosa's Theme IISuper Nintendo3:1320.5
Final Fantasy IIRydia's ThemeSuper Nintendo2:026.67
Final Fantasy IISad ThemeSuper Nintendo2:064.19
Final Fantasy IITalking to ElderSuper Nintendo1:043.89
Final Fantasy IIToria CastleSuper Nintendo0:495.45
Final Fantasy IITower of BabilSuper Nintendo2:4828.5
Final Fantasy IITower of Babil IISuper Nintendo1:5121.0
Final Fantasy IITower of ZotSuper Nintendo1:1810.1
Final Fantasy IITownSuper Nintendo1:114.25
Final Fantasy IITown of MysidiaSuper Nintendo1:4320.1
Final Fantasy IIUndergroundSuper Nintendo2:3713.2
Final Fantasy IIVictory in BattleSuper Nintendo0:303.74
Final Fantasy IIZeromus BattleSuper Nintendo3:2843.5
Final Fantasy IIIAtma BattleSuper Nintendo2:1533.2
Final Fantasy IIIAtma Battle IISuper Nintendo3:4839.1
Final Fantasy IIIAtma Battle IIISuper Nintendo2:4149.4
Final Fantasy IIIAwakeningSuper Nintendo1:285.99
Final Fantasy IIIBattle ThemeSuper Nintendo3:4347.9
Final Fantasy IIICeles's ThemeSuper Nintendo3:5215.1
Final Fantasy IIICeles's Theme IISuper Nintendo2:425.77
Final Fantasy IIIColiseumSuper Nintendo3:0036.2
Final Fantasy IIICyan's ThemeSuper Nintendo2:3615.5
Final Fantasy IIICyan's Theme IISuper Nintendo2:2214.2
Final Fantasy IIICyan's Theme IIISuper Nintendo2:3615.4
Final Fantasy IIIDecisive BattleSuper Nintendo1:5823.9
Final Fantasy IIIKefka's Final StandSuper Nintendo2:1717.2
Final Fantasy IIIDevil's LabSuper Nintendo2:0213.0
Final Fantasy IIIEpitaphSuper Nintendo2:453.73
Final Fantasy IIIEspers' ThemeSuper Nintendo2:004.64
Final Fantasy IIIFigaro CastleSuper Nintendo1:5713.5
Final Fantasy IIIForever RachelSuper Nintendo2:368.28
Final Fantasy IIIGau's ThemeSuper Nintendo2:2210.4
Final Fantasy IIIKefka's ThemeSuper Nintendo2:2518.0
Final Fantasy IIILocke's ThemeSuper Nintendo1:5113.9
Final Fantasy IIIMain ThemeSuper Nintendo2:0315.1
Final Fantasy IIIMain Theme IISuper Nintendo3:3133.3
Final Fantasy IIIMartial LawSuper Nintendo1:566.28
Final Fantasy IIIMetamorphisisSuper Nintendo1:3111.1
Final Fantasy IIIMini Boss BattleSuper Nintendo1:4023.4
Final Fantasy IIIMog's ThemeSuper Nintendo1:348.27
Final Fantasy IIIMt. KoltzSuper Nintendo2:1322.2
Final Fantasy IIINarsheSuper Nintendo2:376.44
Final Fantasy IIIOpera House ThemeSuper Nintendo2:109.67
Final Fantasy IIIOverworld Theme ISuper Nintendo3:4130.6
Final Fantasy IIIOverworld Theme IISuper Nintendo3:2322.2
Final Fantasy IIIOverworld Theme IIISuper Nintendo3:4534.8
Final Fantasy IIIOverworld Theme IVSuper Nintendo3:2533.5
Final Fantasy IIIPhantom ForestSuper Nintendo3:1813.6
Final Fantasy IIIPhantom TrainSuper Nintendo1:116.86
Final Fantasy IIIPreludeSuper Nintendo2:4023.2
Final Fantasy IIIRelm's ThemeSuper Nintendo0:562.62
Final Fantasy IIISave ThemeSuper Nintendo1:5823.9
Final Fantasy IIIShadow's Theme ISuper Nintendo0:395.96
Final Fantasy IIIShadow's Theme IISuper Nintendo2:0010.3
Final Fantasy IIISpinach RagSuper Nintendo2:109.96
Final Fantasy IIITechno De ChocoboSuper Nintendo2:4231.6
Final Fantasy IIIUltro's ThemeSuper Nintendo3:2142.5
Final Fantasy IIIVedlt PlainSuper Nintendo2:0719.3
Final Fantasy IIIWar (Mini Boss Encounter)Super Nintendo1:063.61
Final Fantasy IIIZozoSuper Nintendo1:068.40
Final Fantasy VIIAeris's ThemePlay Station19:56114
Final Fantasy VIIAeris's Theme IIPlay Station4:054.72
Final Fantasy VIIAhead On Our WayPlay Station3:348.77
Final Fantasy VIIBarett's ThemePlay Station3:1213.4
Final Fantasy VIIBarett's Theme IIPlay Station3:1121.4
Final Fantasy VIIBattle ThemePlay Station2:2248.8
Final Fantasy VIIBattle VictoryPlay Station1:4018.5
Final Fantasy VIIBoss BattlePlay Station5:0698.4
Final Fantasy VIIBoss Battle IIPlay Station3:1947.9
Final Fantasy VIICid's ThemePlay Station2:4718.2
Final Fantasy VIICosmo Canyon IIPlay Station1:4811.4
Final Fantasy VIICosmo CanyonPlay Station3:2223.1
Final Fantasy VIICosta Del SolPlay Station2:1225.0
Final Fantasy VIICosta Del Sol IIPlay Station1:0611.3
Final Fantasy VIIEscape!Play Station2:1254.2
Final Fantasy VIIGold SaucerPlay Station2:5156.6
Final Fantasy VIIJenova's ThemePlay Station2:1340.4
Final Fantasy VIIJenova's Theme IIPlay Station1:1622.6
Final Fantasy VIIMotorcycle ChasePlay Station3:1166.9
Final Fantasy VIIRed XIII's ThemePlay Station2:1213.2
Final Fantasy VIISephiroth's ThemePlay Station3:027.63
Final Fantasy VIIReactor BombingPlay Station3:1217.2
Final Fantasy VIIThe TurksPlay Station3:4232.0
Final Fantasy VIITifa's ThemePlay Station5:4838.7
FF Mystic QuestDoom CastleSuper Nintendo2:3725.5
FF Mystic QuestMount GaleSuper Nintendo2:0021.8
GauntletAll Stages ThemeNintendo0:292.22
Ghosts N GoblinsGraveyard (Stage I)Nintendo0:536.32
Golden AxeEnding ThemeSega1:1417.0
Kid IcarusTheme for Boss' CastlesNintendo1:334.97
Kid IcarusTheme for Stages 1-3Nintendo1:237.85
Kid IcarusTheme for Stages 5-7Nintendo2:0813.1
Kid IcarusTheme for Stages 9-11Nintendo0:474.86
Kid IcarusTitleNintendo1:3017.3
Kings Quest 5Medly (Various Themes)PC12:0450.2
Kings Quest 6Ending MusicPC4:4122.9
Kings Quest 6Wedding MusicPC1:326.82
Kings Quest 7Intro ThemePC1:4816.1
Kung FuStage ThemeNintendo0:313.22
LemmingsIntroSuper Nintendo1:0711.3
Mega Man IBombmanNintendo0:576.44
Mega Man ICutmanNintendo2:0221.9
Mega Man IElecmanNintendo1:045.50
Mega Man IEndingNintendo1:335.42
Mega Man IFiremanNintendo1:005.82
Mega Man IGutsmanNintendo1:0410.5
Mega Man IIcemanNintendo1:549.95
Mega Man IIAirmanNintendo1:248.89
Mega Man IIBossNintendo0:070.46
Mega Man IIBubblemanNintendo1:308.68
Mega Man IICrashmanNintendo1:266.34
Mega Man IIEndingNintendo2:5318.0
Mega Man IIFlashmanNintendo1:218.87
Mega Man IIHeatmanNintendo1:006.72
Mega Man IIMetalmanNintendo1:3011.0
Mega Man IIPassword ScreenNintendo0:201.59
Mega Man IIQuickmanNintendo1:139.94
Mega Man IIStage SelectNintendo0:312.39
Mega Man IIWiley Stage INintendo1:3813.3
Mega Man IIWoodmanNintendo1:1818.6
Mega Man IIIFinal CastleNintendo1:048.40
Mega Man IIIGeminimanNintendo2:0511.7
Mega Man IIIHardmanNintendo1:4912.1
Mega Man IIIMagnetmanNintendo1:3011.2
Mega Man IIINeedlemanNintendo2:2011.0
Mega Man IIIShadowmanNintendo0:534.37
Mega Man IIISnakemanNintendo1:1124.7
Mega Man IIISparkmanNintendo1:2513.1
Mega Man III???Nintendo0:372.76
Mega Man III???Nintendo0:150.83
Mega Man IIITopmanNintendo1:5316.9
Mega Man IVDivemanNintendo1:3022.4
Mega Man VIBlizzardmanNintendo1:5511.3
Mega Man VICentaurmanNintendo1:1917.3
Metal GearInsideNintendo1:4623.1
Metal GearOutsideNintendo1:379.97
MetroidBeginning of GameNintendo0:051.06
MetroidBrinstar ThemeNintendo0:476.74
MetroidBrinstar Theme IINintendo1:337.31
MetroidEnding MusicNintendo4:2726.0
MetroidKraid's ThemeNintendo1:284.33
MetroidNorfair (Mother Brian's Area)Nintendo1:213.02
MetroidRidley's ThemeNintendo1:357.47
Mike Tyson's Punchout"In the Ring" ThemeNintendo2:2513.8
Mike Tyson's PunchoutJogging in the parkNintendo0:286.02
M.U.L.E.Title ThemeAtari 800XL PC1:098.11
Ninja Gaiden IAct 1, Stage 1Nintnedo1:262.98
Ninja Gaiden IAct 3, Stage 2Nintnedo1:1112.6
Ninja Gaiden IAct 4, Stage 2Nintnedo0:4817.0
Ninja Gaiden IComic Scene INintnedo0:2416.2
Ninja Gaiden IFather's Death INintnedo0:483.77
Ninja Gaiden IFather's Death IINintnedo0:501.74
Ninja Gaiden IIntro INintnedo1:395.79
Ninja Gaiden IIAct 2, Stage 2Nintnedo1:1613.8
Ninja Gaiden IIAct 3, Stage 1Nintnedo1:2712.7
Ninja Gaiden IIAct 3, Stage 2Nintnedo1:1012.8
Ninja Gaiden IIAct 5, Stage 1Nintnedo1:2514.5
Phantasy Star IIMysterySega0:385.35
Phantasy Star III???Sega Genesis2:1222.6
Phantasy Star IIITitleSega Genesis1:316.05
RygarOpening AreaNintendo0:392.69
RygarOpening Area IINintendo0:442.53
RygarSecond AreaNintendo2:079.22
RygarSecond Area IINintendo0:536.08
ShadowgateRoaming ThemeNintendo0:556.95
Sim City 2000???PC0:140.95
Sonic the Hedgehog IMarble ZonesSega Genesis1:217.93
Sonic the Hedgehog IScrap Brain ZonesSega Genesis1:139.97
Sonic the Hedgehog IStarlite ZonesSega Genesis1:3310.5
Sonic the Hedgehog IStarlite Zones (Variation)Sega Genesis1:4513.1
Sonic the Hedgehog ITitleSega Genesis0:080.96
Sonic the Hedgehog IIFinal BattleSega Genesis1:134.84
Sonic the Hedgehog IIHill Top ZonesSega Genesis0:473.68
Sonic the Hedgehog IIMetropolis ZonesSega Genesis1:4410.8
Sonic the Hedgehog IIOil Ocean ZonesSega Genesis1:199.67
Sonic the Hedgehog IIWing Fortress ZonesSega Genesis1:375.95
Space Quest IVThemePC2:4519.0
Space Quest VIThemePC1:5233.1
StarfoxAsteroid StageSuper Nintendo1:2515.8
StarfoxEnding MusicSuper Nintendo2:2839.4
Street Fighter IIBalrog's Ending ISuper Nintendo0:556.23
Street Fighter IIBalrog's Ending IISuper Nintendo0:381.79
Street Fighter IIBalrog's Theme ISuper Nintendo1:4918.7
Street Fighter IIBalrog's Theme IISuper Nintendo1:037.26
Street Fighter IIBalrog's Theme IIISuper Nintendo0:5215.4
Street Fighter IIBison's Ending ISuper Nintendo0:162.15
Street Fighter IIBison's Ending IISuper Nintendo0:325.42
Street Fighter IIBison's Theme ISuper Nintendo0:5810.7
Street Fighter IIBison's Theme IISuper Nintendo0:4813.2
Street Fighter IIBlanka's Ending ISuper Nintendo0:183.72
Street Fighter IIBlanka's Ending IISuper Nintendo0:327.68
Street Fighter IIBlanka's Theme ISuper Nintendo1:037.66
Street Fighter IIBlanka's Theme IISuper Nintendo0:5811.4
Street Fighter IIBonus Stage (Arcade Only)Super Nintendo0:336.69
Street Fighter IICammy's Ending ISuper Nintendo0:413.71
Street Fighter IICammy's Ending IISuper Nintendo0:538.52
Street Fighter IICammy's Theme ISuper Nintendo1:5326.1
Street Fighter IICammy's Theme IISuper Nintendo0:568.83
Street Fighter IICammy's Theme IIISuper Nintendo0:4712.1
Street Fighter IICammy's Theme IVSuper Nintendo1:4918.2
Street Fighter IIChun Li's Theme ISuper Nintendo0:5510.7
Street Fighter IIChun Li's Theme IISuper Nintendo0:5314.4
Street Fighter IIDeejay's Theme ISuper Nintendo0:496.06
Street Fighter IIDeejay's Theme IISuper Nintendo0:389.83
Street Fighter IIDhalsim's Ending ISuper Nintendo0:324.92
Street Fighter IIDhalsim's Ending IISuper Nintendo0:295.55
Street Fighter IIDhalsim's Theme ISuper Nintendo0:525.98
Street Fighter IIDhalsim's Theme IISuper Nintendo0:498.01
Street Fighter IIFeilong's EndingSuper Nintendo0:332.57
Street Fighter IIFeilong's Theme ISuper Nintendo0:358.56
Street Fighter IIFeilong's Theme IISuper Nintendo1:0411.3
Street Fighter IIGuile's Ending ISuper Nintendo0:272.72
Street Fighter IIGuile's Ending IISuper Nintendo0:292.42
Street Fighter IIGuile's Theme ISuper Nintendo1:1611.3
Street Fighter IIGuile's Theme IISuper Nintendo0:5611.5
Street Fighter IIHonda's EndingSuper Nintendo0:284.00
Street Fighter IIHonda's Theme ISuper Nintendo1:1111.8
Street Fighter IIHonda's Theme IISuper Nintendo0:5413.7
Street Fighter IIKen's Ending ISuper Nintendo0:172.21
Street Fighter IIKen's Ending IISuper Nintendo0:264.37
Street Fighter IIKen's Ending IIISuper Nintendo1:099.94
Street Fighter IIKen's Theme ISuper Nintendo0:478.65
Street Fighter IIKen's Theme IISuper Nintendo1:0614.0
Street Fighter IIKen's Theme IIISuper Nintendo0:478.65
Street Fighter IIRyu's Ending ISuper Nintendo1:084.07
Street Fighter IIRyu's Ending IISuper Nintendo0:564.21
Street Fighter IIRyu's Theme ISuper Nintendo2:0024.7
Street Fighter IIRyu's Theme IISuper Nintendo0:5111.1
Street Fighter IIRyu's Theme IIISuper Nintendo0:5514.5
Street Fighter IIVega's EndingSuper Nintendo0:320.99
Street Fighter IIVega's Theme ISuper Nintendo1:0012.3
Street Fighter IIVega's Theme IISuper Nintendo1:0412.5
Street Fighter IIZangief's EndingSuper Nintendo0:122.28
Street Fighter IIZangief's Theme ISuper Nintendo1:0218.3
Street Fighter IIZangief's Theme IISuper Nintendo0:499.80
Super CFinal BossNintendo1:1015.9
Super Mario BrothersCastle ThemeNintendo0:325.20
Super Mario BrothersThemeNintendo0:241.12
Super Mario BrothersTheme IINintendo0:566.41
Super Mario BrothersUnderworldNintendo0:383.85
Super Mario BrothersWater StageNintendo1:097.62
Super Mario Brothers 2Desert Stage ThemeNintendo0:161.86
Super Mario Brothers 2General Stage ThemeNintendo2:1819.1
Super Mario Brothers 2General Stage Theme IINintendo2:1826.1
Super Mario Brothers 3CardhouseNintendo0:344.39
Super Mario Brothers 3General Stage (Example: 1-1)Nintendo0:596.74
Super Mario Brothers 3General Stage (Example: 1-2)Nintendo1:068.58
Super Mario Brothers 3World 1 (Grass Land)Nintendo0:142.14
Super Mario Brothers 3World 2 (Desert Land)Nintendo0:161.86
Super Mario Brothers 3World 3 (Water)Nintendo0:253.47
Super Mario Brothers 3World 4 (Giant Land)Nintendo0:243.03
Super Mario Brothers 3World 7 (Pipes and Plants)Nintendo0:151.37
Super Mario Brothers 3World 8 (Koopa's Castle)Nintendo0:201.58
Super Mario WorldBowser BattleSuper Nintendo1:317.43
Super Mario WorldCastle ThemeSuper Nintendo2:3324.0
Super Mario WorldGeneral Stage ISuper Nintendo1:2212.0
Super Mario WorldGeneral Stage IISuper Nintendo1:318.62
Super Mario WorldTitle ThemeSuper Nintendo1:1910.6
Super Mario WorldWater StageSuper Nintendo1:396.51
Super MetroidBrinstar ThemeSuper Nintendo1:5912.6
Super MetroidBrinstar Theme IISuper Nintendo2:0322.9
Super MetroidNorfair ThemeSuper Nintendo2:2710.6
TetrisTheme AGame Boy1:3916.1
TetrisTheme A (Variation)Game Boy1:088.61
TetrisTheme BGame Boy1:3921.1
TetrisTheme B (Variation)Game Boy1:1514.6
Tie FighterGrand Admiral ThrawnPC0:394.53
Tombs & TreasureIntroNintendo0:240.73
Tombs & TreasurePasswordNintendo0:320.88
Ultima IIIAmbrosiaAtari 800XL PC0:200.86
Ultima IIICastleAtari 800XL PC0:452.69
Ultima IIICombatAtari 800XL PC0:503.18
Ultima IIIDungeonAtari 800XL PC0:212.49
Ultima IIIExodusAtari 800XL PC1:173.51
Ultima IIILord British's ThemeAtari 800XL PC0:151.00
Ultima IIIShopAtari 800XL PC0:160.94
Ultima IIISosaria (Overworld)Atari 800XL PC2:176.91
Ultima IIITownAtari 800XL PC1:072.42
Ultima IIIViewAtari 800XL PC0:160.82
Ultima IVCastlePC2:067.77
Ultima IVDungeonPC1:093.46
Ultima IVLord British's ThemePC1:345.65
Ultima IVTownPC1:034.13
Ultima IVWandering ThemePC3:4013.9
Ultima IV???PC1:279.81
Ultima VBritannic LandsPC1:154.23
Ultima VCap'n Johne's HornpipePC0:404.66
Ultima VDream Of Lady NanPC1:284.42
Ultima VEngagement And MeleePC1:005.58
Ultima VFanfare For The VirtuesPC0:594.34
Ultima VGreyson's TalePC0:513.34
Ultima VHalls Of DoomPC1:313.74
Ultima VJoyous ReunionPC0:111.33
Ultima VLord BlackthornPC1:407.37
Ultima VRule BritanniaPC0:383.40
Ultima VStonesPC2:326.31
Ultima VThe Missing MonarchPC0:493.16
Ultima VVillager TarantellaPC0:453.00
Ultima VWorlds BelowPC1:236.74
Ultima VUltima ThemePC2:058.61
Warcraft IHumans LosePC0:315.53
Warcraft IHumans Win IPC0:3312.0
Warcraft IHumans Win IIPC1:4230.2
Warcraft IHumans' Theme IPC3:5149.1
Warcraft IHumans' Theme IIPC2:4151.3
Warcraft IHumans' Theme IIIPC3:1840.6
Warcraft IIntroPC1:2524.6
Warcraft IMission BriefingPC0:569.66
Warcraft IOrcs LosePC0:435.66
Warcraft IOrcs Win IPC0:399.26
Warcraft IOrcs Win IIPC1:5329.4
Warcraft IOrcs' Theme IPC3:4039.5
Warcraft IOrcs' Theme IIPC3:1627.6
Warcraft IOrcs' Theme IIIPC3:3243.6
Warcraft ITitle ThemePC0:559.20
Warcraft IIHuman DefeatPC0:275.92
Warcraft IIHuman Mission ReviewPC0:5113.0
Warcraft IIHuman Music IPC2:2741.3
Warcraft IIHuman Music IIPC2:0427.8
Warcraft IIHuman Music IIIPC2:0734.6
Warcraft IIHuman Music IVPC3:0142.7
Warcraft IIHuman VictoryPC0:175.74
Warcraft IIIntroPC2:4935.3
Warcraft IIIntro RemixPC2:3928.2
Warcraft IIOrc DefeatPC0:164.95
Warcraft IIOrc Mission ReviewPC0:3910.0
Warcraft IIOrc Music IPC2:0131.2
Warcraft IIOrc Music I RemixPC1:5427.0
Warcraft IIOrc Music IIPC2:1732.3
Warcraft IIOrc Music IIIPC2:2143.6
Warcraft IIOrc Music IVPC2:1740.3
Warcraft IIOrc VictoryPC0:1912.2
Zelda IOverworldNintendo0:385.52
Zelda IOverworld (Variation)Nintendo0:353.19
Zelda ITitleNintendo1:206.62
Zelda ITitle IINintendo1:198.60
Zelda ITriforceNintendo0:060.65
Zelda IUnderworldNintendo1:002.36
Zelda IUnderworld IINintendo0:362.81
Zelda IICaveNintendo0:284.07
Zelda IIOverworldNintendo0:473.98
Zelda IITempleNintendo1:2912.5
Zelda IITitleNintendo1:090.55
Zelda IITownNintendo1:065.50
Zelda IIICastle ThemeSuper Nintendo1:4017.9
Zelda IIIDark WorldSuper Nintendo1:5920.9
Zelda IIIDark World (Variation)Super Nintendo2:2526.8
Zelda IIIEnchanted WoodsSuper Nintendo0:405.62
Zelda IIIEndingSuper Nintendo3:4115.6
Zelda IIIGetting the CrystalsSuper Nintendo1:3213.0
Zelda IIIInside a CaveSuper Nintendo0:383.01
Zelda IIIFairy CaveSuper Nintendo0:483.59
Zelda IIIOverworld ThemeSuper Nintendo1:178.33
Zelda IIITitle and IntroSuper Nintendo1:118.86

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